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Instrumentenbau in der Schulen

Building your own drum and percussion instruments is a a fun way to improve motor skills. Everyone gets to keep the instruments they make.
The materials are simple but the sounds are quite good.
In between the students will be practicing / developing playing techniques that support fine and gross Motorik skills.
All the instruments pictured here are possible in a schoolroom setting.
Some projects can be completed in a few hours. Others take longer.

Bass Trommel

We can make bass drums like this one. It has a great sound and is really sturdy with a cow skin head. It is suitable for longer-running programs.
The wooden staves and metal rings will be prepared in advance. All the rest can take place in a classroom setting.

Here are some photos of how drums are built. Click on the images to enlarge.

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This is a downloadable flier for instrument builtding workshops in the school